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"InMe" are an English heavy alternative rock group from Brentwood, Essex formed in 1996

*Dave McPherson (vocals/Guitar)

*Greg McPherson (vocals/Bass)

*Simon Taylor (Drums)

*Joe Morgan (Bass)

There are 3 members of the group: Dave McPherson on vocals and guitar, Greg McPherson who plays bass and backing vocals, Simon Taylor who plays the drums. The Group formed in 1996 as "Drowned" with the line up of Dave ,Simon and Joe Morgan they played several local venues, getting their first interviews and airplay on Brentwood-based station Phoenix FM. They signed with MFN in 2001 and changed their name to "InMe" to avoid confusion with the American Christian rock group of the same name.

As of the 19th July 2006, Joe Morgan ceased to play bass for InMe. He has been replaced by Dave's brother Greg McPherson. Joe has chosen to leave the band on good terms and to persue a different career.

Their musical style of simple riffs combined with angst-ridden lyrical material has led many to dub them as 'Nu-Metal', although since they emerged onto the screens of Kerrang! TV shortly after the popularity of this fad had waned and the term had ceased to be a...

years active 1996 - Present
origin Essex
country United Kingdom
music genre rock music
current members Dave McPherson
Greg McPherson
Simon Taylor
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia