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"Incantation" is a US death metal band that was formed by John McEntee and Paul Ledney in 1989. They are one of the leaders in the New York Death Metal scene along with fellow bands Suffocation and Immolation. They are currently working on a new album to be released Autumn 2006.


* John McEntee - Guitar, Vocals

* Joe Lombard - Bass

* Kyle Severn - Drums


Guitars, vocals:

* Tom Stevens (Nokturnel, Savage Death, Morpheus Descends)

* Nathan Rossi (Rottrevore)

* Daniel Corchado (The Chasm, ex-Cenotaph (Mex), Obeisance)

* Duane Morris (From the Depths, Decrepit, ex-Embalmer (US), Dead of Night)

* Craig Pillard (Nocturnal Crypt, ex-Aggressive Intent, ex-Carnage (US), Womb, Disciples of Mockery, Methadrone, Desecrator (US))

* Lou Lombardozzi (Fleshtized, Seven Gates (US)) - Guitar


* Rob Yench (Mausoleum (US), Morpheus Descends)

* Kevin Hughes (ex-Malignancy)

* Mary Ciullo (Prime Evil)

* Mike Donnelly (ex-Disgorged)

* Randy Scott

* Dave Niedrist

* Dan Kamp (Crucifier (US))

* Ronnie Deo

* Aragon Amori (R.I.P. 1996) (ex-Profanatica, ex-Demonic Christ, Contrivisti)


* Richard Christy

* Dave Culross

* Mark...

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