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Indecent Obsession

Indecent Obsession

"Indecent Obsession" was an Australian boy band. They formed in 1987 in Brisbane.

*Members (1987-1992): David Dixon (v), Andrew Coyne (g), Michael Szumowski (k), Daryl Sims (d).

*Members (1993-1995) Richard Hennassey (v), Mark Gray (b), Graham Kearns (g), Michael Szumowski (k), Daryl Sims (d).

Australian music guru Molly Meldrum signed the band to his record label ''Melodian''. It was an instant success with the single "Say Goodbye" hitting the Australian Top 10 in August 1989. The follow-up single "Tell Me Something" landed at #17 two months later, but would be the band's last Australian Top 20 single. "Tell Me Something" was also picked up by US radio in early 1990 and the song landed at #31 without the band ever setting foot in America. The retitled "Indecent Obession" album (for the American market) peaked at #148 in 1990.

"Indio" - the band's second album was more mature and featured the hit singles "Indio" (AUS#41) and "Kiss Me" (AUS#27). "Kiss Me" even landed at No.1 in South Africa for an amazing 27 weeks!

Lead singer David Dixon left the group in 1992 to pursue acting including the role of Joseph in the Australian version of ''Joseph and the Amazi...

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