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"Innuendo" is a Malaysian band formed in 1992 when a love for R&B and Soul music brought Reymee bin Mohamed Hussein (born on November 15, 1976), and Ahmad Tajuddin Bin Mohamed Tahir (born on August 27, 1974) and Saiful bin Omar (born on November 1, 1971) together.

Innuendo is one of Malaysia's premier R&B groups, best known for their remake of the P.Ramlee's evergreen ballad, "Belaian Jiwa", and most recently, their 70's style single, "Only Dancin'". As a multi award winning group which contributed in re-introduction of boy-band scenes locally, Innuendo also successfully re-introduced a capella tunes to Malaysian audiences after decades of being unheard on mainstream media. After the departure of the fourth member, Sam on August 20, 2002, this local harmony quartet-turned-trio continued with a new album, ''BrandNuEndo'', and performed at award shows including ''AIM 2002'' (''Anugerah Industri Musik 2002'') where they also picked up an award, and venues around the country including at Planet Hollywood every Sunday in August 2002.

* ''Innuendo''

* ''Innuendo Enhanced''

* ''Brandnuendo''

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