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Inspection 12

"Inspection 12" is a pop punk band from Jacksonville, Florida.

Fourteen-year-old Robert Reid (vocals, guitar), thirteen-year-old Dan McLintock (bass, vocals) and eleven-year-old Scott Shad (drums, vocals) formed Inspection 12 in 1994 while in junior high school. They were influenced by the first wave of Southern Californian punk, which included bands such as Green Day and NOFX. The band name was taken from the popular Nickelodeon television show, ''The Adventures of Pete & Pete''.

Inspection 12 released their first recordings on cassette in 1995 and 1996: an eponymous EP and the full-length ''Come, Hefe, Come!''. Second guitarist Pete Mosely was also added to the lineup at this time. Their second album, titled ''Inspection 12'', was released on compact disc in 1997. Later that year, Reid decided to leave the band, being replaced on guitar by Shad's cousin, James Trimble, while McLintock took over as lead vocalist. ''You're A Nation'' was released in 1998, and ''Step Into The Fire'' was released in 1999.

After graduating high school, McLintock left the band and his hometown to join pop punk band Craig's Brother. While on tour, he gave a copy of ''Step Into The Fire...

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