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"Institute" is an alternative rock band featuring Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale. The band's first album, ''Distort Yourself'', was released September 13, 2005.

Institute was formed in 2004 in the wake of a hiatus of lead singer Gavin Rossdale's other band, Bush. Rossdale formed Institute with Chris Traynor, who played guitar on Bush's last tour and is also a member of Helmet, after Bush agreed upon taking a break after their last album, Golden State. The two later enlisted the help of bassist Cache Tolman (of Rival Schools fame) and drummer Josh Freese. Freese was only enlisted temporarily, as the band needed a drummer for the recording of their first album, ''Distort Yourself''. Rossdale later recruited Charlie Walker (known for his work with the local New York bands Split Lip and Chamberlain) to take Freese's spot and round out the band.

After reuniting with Interscope Records (Interscope released Bush's first three albums), Rossdale started work on ''Distort Yourself'' with Interscope Producer and Helmet frontman, Page Hamilton. Rossdale chose Hamilton to produce the band's debut album after being told Hamilton could provide the guitar sound that he was looking for. ...

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