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"Interpol" is a New York City indie rock band, formed in 1998. Their debut album ''Turn on the Bright Lights'' was critically acclaimed, while the follow-up, ''Antics'', has also been a commercial and critical success. The members of the band are: Paul Banks (vocals, guitar); Carlos Dengler (bass); Sam Fogarino (drums); Daniel Kessler (guitar, vocals).

The band's sound is a dark mix of bass throb and choppy, sparse guitar, drawing constant comparisons to post-punk bands Joy Division, The Chameleons and Kitchens of Distinction. ''Turn on the Bright Lights'' was spare and tentative, but their second album ''Antics'' embraced a fuller, more confident sound. Both ''Antics'' and ''Turn on the Bright Lights'' were recorded at Tarquin Studios in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

The band formed when Daniel Kessler met drummer Greg Drudy, now a member of screamo band Hot Cross, on the New York University campus. Kessler later added Carlos D., an ex-guitarist, on the bass, after meeting him in a history class. The line-up was complete after Kessler remembered an old friend he met while in Paris. Banks and Kessler ran into each other on the street, after losing touch since Paris, and Banks...

years active 1998–Present (time)
country New York City
music genre Indie rock, Post-punk revival
current members Sam Fogarino
Paul Banks
Carlos Dengler
Daniel Kessler
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia