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Into Eternity

"Into Eternity" is a Melodic Death Metal/Progressive Metal band.

Formed toward the latter part of the 1990's in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, Into Eternity released an eponymous, independent album in 1999. The band signed to Century Media a year later and rereleased their debut. In 2001, the band returned with their sophomore effort Dead or Dreaming, an album which saw a more pronounced integration of Prog and Death Metal. The trend continued on their most recent album, 2004's Buried in Oblivion.

Fusing the progressive, melodic elements of bands such as Dream Theater and the brutal death metal of outfits such as Deicide, Into Eternity provide a sound that is professionally executed yet rather difficult to describe. The most common description of Into Eternity's music is Progressive Death Metal.

* Stu Block — clean/death vocals

* Jim Austin — drums

* Troy Bleich — bass/backing vocals

* Tim Roth — clean/death vocals and guitar

* 2000 — Into Eternity

* 2001 — Dead or Dreaming

* 2004 — Buried in Oblivion

* 2006 — The Scattering of Ashes

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years active 1998–present
status Active
country Canada
music genre Melodic Death Metal/Progressive Metal
current members Stu Block
Jim Austin
Troy Bleich
Rob Doherty
Tim Roth (musician)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia