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Irving Gordon

Irving Gordon

"Irving Gordon" (February 14, 1915-December 1, 1996) was an American songwriter.

He was born in Brooklyn, New York. As a child, he studied violin, and after attending public schools in New York City, went to work in the Catskill Mountains at some of the resort hotels in the area. While working in the hotels, he took to writing parody lyrics to some of the popular songs of the day. In the 1930s, he took a job with the music publishing firm headed by talent agent Irving Mills, at first writing only lyrics but subsequently writing music as well.

After writing "Mister and Mississippi" he decided he enjoyed puns on state names, and some years later write "Delaware."

He died in Los Angeles, California.

*"Be Anything, But Darling Be Mine"

*"Blue Prelude" (lyrics by Gordon; music by Duke Ellington)

*"Delaware" (Perry Como hit vocal)

*"Mama From The Train" (Patti Page hit vocal)

*"Me, Myself and I" (Billie Holiday hit vocal, co-written with Allan Roberts and Alvin S. Kaufman)

*"Mister and Mississippi" (Patti Page hit vocal)

*"Unforgettable" (major hit for Nat King Cole)

*"What Will I Tell My Heart" (Bing Crosby hit vocal)

Gordon, Irving

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