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It Dies Today

"It Dies Today" is a Metalcore band based in Buffalo, New York. The group's music is a blend of brutal-riffs and punishing-breakdowns coupled with driving melodies. This mixture has attracted fans of many other musical styles, including metal, hardcore punk and emo.

The band entered the music scene in August of 2001. The group was formed by lead vocalist Nicholas Brooks, guitarist Chris Cappelli and then guitarist Steve Lemke.

Steve Lemke soon moved onto bass and guitarist Mike Hatalak joined to complete the line up. IDT began to refine and structure its sound into a sort of brutal lullaby. The group signed with Trustkill Records, home to such bands as Throwdown, Eighteen Visions, Bleeding Through and more.

The popularity of the ''Forever Scorned'' EP led to them touring the U.S. with Between the Buried and Me and Alexisonfire.

In the fall of 2004, IDT released its debut full-length ''The Caitiff Choir''. The title and lyrics make several allusions to Dante's The Divine Comedy. The album explores the theme of moral disintegration of the human mind. Well received by consumers and media, the album sold over 25,000 copies within its first four months. T...

Years Active 2001 - present
status Active
country Buffalo, New York, USA
music genre Metalcore
current members Nick Brooks - vocals
Mike Hatalak - guitar
Chris Cappelli - guitar
Nick Mirusso - drums
Steve Lemke - bass guitar
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia