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"J.B.O.", founded in 1989, is a Fun-Metal-Band from Erlangen, Germany.

Famous for their cover versions of various modern rock and disco songs, each of their covers often has humorous modifications to the lyrics. Since 2000 the band has begun producing more original compositions, however they continue to produce ''Blöedsinns'' (this is an intentional misspelling used by the band: The correctly spelled word is "Blödsinn," which means "nonsense" in German) which refers to the nonsensical covers they perform.

The original name was "James Blast Orchester." Due to a legal argument with the record company of James Last they changed the name in June 1996 into the shortened form they are known by today. J.B.O would not enter legal disputes for the last time as a result of the lawsuit: Earlier, they were sued for slander by the Patrizierbrauerei in Nuremberg, because of the following insulting quote: "Patrizier finden wir nicht besser, das schmeckt wie reinstes Abgewässer." ("We're not impressed by Patrizier, it tastes like dishwater")

Erlangen resident Brauerei Kitzmann contributes the band with a series of comical gimic products, and has several times been featured in the...

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