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Jacek Kaczmarski

"Jacek Kaczmarski" (March 22, 1957, Warsaw -

April 10, 2004, Gdańsk) was a Polish singer, songwriter, poet and author. He was considered a voice of Solidarity for his commitment to the fight for freeing Poland from communist rule. His protest songs criticized the regime and appealed to traditions of patriotic resistance against oppression of Polish people. He remains best known for his protest songs on social and political subjects ("Mury" (''Walls''), "Obława" (''Wolf hunt'')). However, he was more of a poet than a politically engaged singer, and most of his texts have not lost its meaning with the demise of the Soviet union and the communist block.

He made his debut in 1977 on the Student Song Festival, where he was awarded first

prize for his work "Obława" (''Wolf hunt'') based on song "Охота на волков" by Vladimir Vysotsky. In 1980 he won 2nd prize of

the Opole Song Festival for "Epitafium dla Włodzimierza Wysockiego" (''Epitaph for''

Vladimir Vysotsky). After the imposition of the martial law in Poland

Kaczmarski chose to emigrate (1981 - 1990). From 1982 he was

an editor and journalist with Radio Free Europe, where he had his own broadcast:...

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