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Jake E. Lee

"Jakey Lou Williams" (born February 15, 1957 in Norfolk, Virginia, USA), better known as "Jake E. Lee" is a heavy metal guitarist best known for his work with Ozzy Osbourne.

Lee took classical piano lessons as a child, and would also play around with his older sister's guitar. After discovering Jimi Hendrix, he knew he wanted to be a rock guitarist. He played in various high school bands and would eventually bring his skills to the Los Angeles music scene in the late 1970s.

In Los Angeles he joined a band called Mickey Ratt in 1980, which later became the popular glam metal band Ratt. They released a single "Dr. Rock"/"Drivin On E", which they gave to fans at their shows. RATT also released the song "Tell The World" on the first metal massacre album which also featured Metallica's first song "Hit The Lights".

Lee soon left RATT to join Rough Cutt which was produced by Ronnie James Dio and managed by Wendy Dio at that time. After hearing Lee in Rough Cutt in 1982, Ronnie James Dio invited Lee to join his band and Lee accepted. The other member was former Black Sabbath drummer and former bandmate of Dio, Vinny Appice. According to Appice there were rehear...

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