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"Jal" (meaning literally 'water' in Urdu) is a Pakistani rock band founded by Gohar Mumtaz.

The band has gained recent success with the songs "Aadat" and "Woh Lamhey". The original band members were Atif Aslam and Gohar Mumtaz, but later Atif was replaced by Farhan Saeed and Shazi (Aamir) plays the bass guitar. The band is among the first of contemporary Pakistani bands that fuse urdu vocals with modern rock. Currently they are rapidly gaining in popularity and are one of the most popular bands in Asia.

Jal - A Urdu word of Persian origin which means ‘water.' An element that constitutes of 70% of human being, and more than 2/3 of the surface of the earth. The inspiration behind the band's name affirms the intimate connection of water to the rhythms of our lives-and how it is something to be celebrated, revered, and preserved for all times to come. The name ‘Jal' is the product of the band's vision to recognize music as the artistic extension of this natural unity. Water is truly one of the most sacred parts of our existence and the band's music celebrates that concept by orchestrating a symphony of lyrics and music that is as limitless and timeles...

color yellow orange
years active 2002–present
status Active
origin Lahore, Pakistan
music genre Rock and roll
current members Gohar Mumtaz
Farhan Saeed
Shazi (Aamir)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia