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James Gang

The "James Gang" was a rock band formed in Cleveland Ohio in 1966. The original members were drummer Jim Fox, bassist Tom Kriss, guitarist Ronnie Silverman, keyboardist Phil Giallombardo, and guitarist Glen Schwartz.

In 1968 Joe Walsh replaced Schwartz when Schwartz left the band to join Pacific Gas & Electric. The band then released its debut album ''Yer' Album''. In 1969,

the band released its second album ''James Gang Rides Again'' which included the hit single

"Funk #49"; Dale Peters had replaced Kriss on bass. The band opened for The Who during a tour of

Britain. After two more albums, ''Thirds'', with the single "Walk Away", and ''

James Gang Live in Concert'', Walsh left the band to perform solo, later joining The Eagles.

Vocalist Roy Kenner and guitarist Domenic Troiano then joined the band. Troiano left to join

The Guess Who and was replaced by Tommy Bolin. Bolin left in 1974 to replace Ritchie Blackmore in Deep Purple. The band broke up in 1976 after a final recording, ''Jesse Come Home'', which referred to the band's namesake, the outlaw Jesse James. Jim Fox was the only remaining member of

the original trio.

The "classic" lineup of the b...

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