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James Keelaghan

"James Keelaghan" is a Juno award-winning Canadian folk singer-songwriter from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Many of his songs are inspired by events and figures in Canadian history. Known for his baritone voice and Celtic lilt, James Keelaghan’s music bridges traditional folk music with Canadiana.

Keelaghan has a degree in history from the University of Calgary.

With international popularity from Australia to England, James Keelaghan continues to play mostly smaller venues and often invites the audience for a beer after his performance.

Frequent accompaniments to his albums are artists from Spirit of the West, Mr. Stephen Fearing, and many other acclaimed Canadians.

* ''Timelines'' (1987)

* ''Small Rebellions'' (1990)

* ''My Skies'' (1993)

* ''A Recent Future'' (1995)

* ''Compadres'' (1997, with Oscar Lopez)

* ''Road'' (1999)

* ''Home'' (2001)

* ''Then Again'' (2004)

* Official website

Keelaghan, James

Keelaghan, James

Keelaghan, James

Keelaghan, James

Keelaghan, J

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