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Jan Delay

Jan Delay (born Jan Phillip EiÃźfeldt in 1976 in Hamburg) is a German singer and songwriter. He is a member of La Boom and Beginner, formerly Absolute Beginner. Besides hip hop many of his songs can be considered as reggae or dub.

Jan Delay's lisping, nasal voice is one of his most important characteristics. Furthermore he is famous for his preference for Nike "Air Max" shoes, seen on several Beginner covers. His lyrics usually are very humorous but are also socially critical and heavily influenced by his past in the punk music scene of Hamburg.

In the German hip hop magazine Juice he was the only national artist receiving the "6 crowns", the highest rating possible, for his solo album Searching For The Jan Soul Rebels.

==Discography (selection)=

  • „Irgendwie, Irgendwo, Irgendwann“ — (cover version from Nena's song of the same name)
  • „Ich möchte nicht, dass Ihr meine Lieder singt!“, „Vergiftet“ and „B-Seite“ from his solo album „Searching For The Jan Soul Rebels“
  • „...
    Alias Eizi Eiz, EiĂźfeldt (65), Boba Ffett, Spliff Richard, Alfred Hitzkopf, Mario Bassler
    Background solo singer
    Born 1976
    Origin Hamburg, Germany
    Associated acts Beginner, La Boom
    Genre German Hip-Hop, Reggae, Funk
    Occupation Singer-songwriter
    Years active 1991-present
    license: GNU FDL
    source: Wikipedia

Jan Delay

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