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Jane Wiedlin

Jane Wiedlin

"Jane Wiedlin" (born "Jane Marie Genevieve Wiedlin" on May 20, 1958 in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, USA) is the rhythm guitarist of the all female multi-platinum rock band The Go-Go's.

Jane was part of the LA punk scene that spawned bands like X and The Dickies and went by the name, Jane Drano. As a member of The Go-Go's she had a brief love affair with Specials and Fun Boy Three member, Terry Hall. It was the ups and downs of this long-distance celebrity relationship with Hall that inspired the hit Go-Go's song "Our Lips Are Sealed". In 1982, Jane Wiedlin recorded "Cool Places" with new wave band Sparks.

In 1984, Jane was the first to leave The Go-Go's to pursue a solo career (in large part due to the fact that Go-Go's lead singer Belinda Carlisle refused to let Wiedlin sing lead vocals on "Beneath The Blue Sky" from the ''Talk Show'' album; it was one of many tunes that Wiedlin, a principal songwriter for the group, had authored). She released four solo albums, ''Jane Wiedlin'' (1985), ''Fur'' (1988) which included the top 10 hit single "Rush Hour", ''Tangled'' (1990), and ''Kissproof World'' (2000). She formed a punk band, ''froSTed'' (the unusual spelling coming from...

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