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Jason Downs

Jason Downs is a singer from Columbia, Maryland, of Cherokee, Dutch, Irish and, Scottish descent. He has released two albums on Jive records, "''White Boy With a Feather''" and "''The Spin''". He has also released "''White Boy With a Feather''", "''Revenue''", "''Cherokee''", "''Trippin"", "''Shut Up (Let's Hook Up)''", and the remake of the Harry Chapin classic, "''Cat's in the Cradle''" as CD singles. The Rap artist, Milk has appeared on and produced many of his songs, though the songs without the rapper are more rooted in Folk, Rock, Country or Pop music. As a music artist he appeared in many British variety shows including ''The Top of the Pops'', ''CD:UK'', ''Mtv'' and ''The Big Breakfast''.

Downs is also an actor. He has appeared in the films, ''Hairspray'', ''Clara's Heart'', ''Winning Girls Through Psychic Mind Control'', and ''Come Lovely'', which he also produced. He is currently starring in a feature film entitled ''Racing Daylight'' alongside David Strathairn, Melissa Leo and Giancarlo Esposito.

Downs was born on September 8 1973. His parents are Jay and Jeanie Downs. He has a brother, Jordan and a sister, Jillian.


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