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"Jawbox" was a punk rock/indie rock/post-hardcore band from Washington, D.C.. Its members were J. Robbins (vocals/guitar), Bill Barbot (guitar), Kim Coletta (bass guitar), and Adam Wade & Zach Barocas (drums).

Robbins had played in the final incarnation of Government Issue, which was the longest lived of the original D.C. hardcore bands. After Government Issue called it quits, Robbins formed Jawbox with Kim Coletta and Adam Wade. The trio recorded their first, self-released single and the ''Grippe'' album. (This was also the beginning of Desoto Records, which went on to become a successful independent record label.) Shortly afterwards, Bill Barbot joined the band as second guitarist and second singer. They shortly thereafter recorded ''Novelty'' with Iain Burgess, and toured the USA.

Wade then left the band to play drums with Shudder to Think, and their friend Zach Barocas was called upon to play the drums. Zach's adoption of various stage-names caused some confusion at the time; he used the name Jim Shortz, and even the name of the famous Japanese actor Takashi Shimura.

They had a minor MTV hit with "Savory" in 1994. Jawbox gained some notoriety in the indie ...

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