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"Jawbreaker" was an iconic San Francisco punk rock band. They had their roots in Los Angeles, where members Blake Schwarzenbach and Adam Pfahler were students at Crossroads High School. The band came together when they met bass player Chris Bauermeister at New York University in 1988.

The trio's music is characterized by raw vocals, a driving rhythm section, and grinding guitar--a palette used by many punk bands--but also features complex song structure, melody, instrumental interludes, and obscure sampled recordings. Jawbreaker's lyrics, largely scribed by Schwarzenbach, were imbued with a literary drunk's melancholy along the lines of early Charles Bukowski and late Anne Sexton and fused personal longing and love-sickness with an animistic fetishization of objects both public (boats and boxcars) and private (books and bottles). Lyrics for "First Step", an outtake from the ''24 Hour Revenge Therapy'' sessions, are a good example:

Did you ever have one of these days? / This is a day like any other day. / You are free to wake up and shave. / Soapy hands fumbling on the porcelain. / Hot, good coffee, and a good, good book. / Bicycle! Bicycle! / Breathing easier n...

years active 1988–1996
music genre Punk Rock
current members Blake Schwarzenbach
Chris Bauermeister
Adam Pfahler
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source: Wikipedia