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Jerry Doucette

Jerry Doucette

"Jerry Doucette" (b. 1952, Montreal, Quebec) is a Canadian guitarist and singer-songwriter.

Doucette joined numerous bands prior to his solo career, starting with The Reefers during his childhood. He eventually moved to Vancouver, British Columbia and subsequently signed a solo recording deal with Mushroom Records. His album releases would simply use the name Doucette, rather than under a full name.

''Mama Let Him Play'', the first Doucette release, earned platinum status (sales of 100 000 units in Canada) and substantial publicity and tour promotion. The following year's release ''The Deuce is Loose'' was less successful, although it earned gold status (50 000 units sold) and produced the popular single "Nobody".

Mushroom Records eventually succumbed to financial problems, leaving Doucette to find a new label for his third album, ''Coming up Roses''. This, plus the emergence of New Wave music were blamed for Doucette's lack of follow-up success in the music industry.

* 1979: Juno Award, Most Promising Group of the Year

* 1978: ''Mama Let Him Play'' (Mushroom, reissued 1995 on Reluctant)

* 1979: ''The Deuce is Loose'' (Mushroom)

* 1981: ''Coming u...

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