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Jesse Malin

"Jesse Malin" began his music career, at the age of 12, as the front-man for the seminal New York City hardcore band Heart Attack. Following the demise of that band in 1983, Jesse worked on several other projects, including the band Hope, before forming glam-rock, hard rock band D Generation, for which he was the lead singer for eight years. They weren't a metal band, but critics quickly dismissed 'D Generation' as Johnny Thunders copycats, but substance and song structure were there. As one of New York City's more talented acts of the 1990s, the band released three albums before disbanding in April 1999. Malin didn't stop writing music and went on to form two other projects, PCP Highway (with former DGeneration bandmates Howie Pyro and Joe Rizzo) and Bellvue (also named Tsing-Tsing for a brief time); the latter band released one album, "To Be Somebody" on Goldenseal Records. His love for Neil Young, Tom Waits and Steve Earle affected his work; he spent the next two years working on a fresh, countrified sound. Ex-Whiskeytown frontman Ryan Adams, who'd been a friend of Malin since the D Generation days, was impressed with Malin's new material. Adams offered to produce Malin's debut...
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