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"Jigsaw" is a long standing British pop music group fronted by the singing/songwriting duo Clive Scott and Des Dyer.

Originally a six piece band formed in 1966 they went on to score a number of hit singles around the world. They also released a total of no fewer than 13 albums. The group was partly influenced by fellow British musicians The Beatles, at times sounding Beatle-like, especially their ballads, which owe a debt to Paul McCartney's tender musical and vocal arrangements.

The group formed in 1966 in Coventry, England and quickly became one of the top local club bands. The original line up consisted of Des Dyer (Lead Vocals and Drums), Clive Scott (Keyboards and Vocals), Barrie Bernard (Bass guitar), Tony Campbell (Guitar), Tony Britnell (Saxophone) and Kevin "Beppy" Mahon (Saxophone).

Scott was previously in “Scott and The Antarctics”, Dyer had played in both “The Surfsiders” and “Clockwork Shoppe”, Campbell and Mahon had worked together previously in “The Mighty Avengers”, Bernard had been a member of “Pinkertons Assort. Colours”, while Britnel had worked with “The Fortunes”.

In their early days Jigsaw were a wild rock band...

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