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Jim Lauderdale

"Jim Lauderdale" was born in Statesville, North Carolina on April 11, 1957. His father was a minister and his mother was a music teacher. He played drums in high school, and after he graduated, he decided to become a solo performer in New York. He began singing backing vocals for various artists including Carlene Carter and Dwight Yoakam before scoring it big in Nashville after writing hits for the Dixie Chicks, Patty Loveless, and more. His solo '90s recordings have gained him much critical acclaim and a loyal cult following. In 2003, Lauderdale worked with the roots/jam band Donna the Buffalo on their album Wait 'Til Spring.

*Point of No Return - 1989

*Planet of Love - 1991

*Pretty Close To The Truth - 1994

*Every Second Counts - 1995

*Permissions - 1996

*Whisper - 1998

*I Feel Like Singing Today - 1999

*Onward Through It All - 1999

*The Other Sessions - 2001

*The Hummingbirds - 2002

*Lost In The Lonesom Pines - 2002

* Jim Lauderdale's Official Site

* Jim Lauderdale on MyS

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