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Joe Purdy

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thumb|thumb|right| Joe Purdy playing in London

"Joe Purdy" is a North American based folk singer-songwriter. He has released three albums to date, ''Stompingrounds'', ''Julie Blue'' and ''Only Four Seasons.'' His first two albums, ''Joe Purdy'' and ''Sessions from Motor Ave.'' were not released for public sale. His song, 'Wash Away (Reprise)', was featured on the hit ABC TV series, ''Lost'', where it has become, in the minds of viewers, indissoluble with the show, while ''Grey's Anatomy'' additionally featured 'I Love the Rain the Most,' 'The City,' 'Far Away Blues,' and 'Suitcase.'

Joe Purdy's band members include: Brian Wright, Willy C. Golden, Deacon, Al Sgro, and Mike "Papa" Freas.


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