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Joel Houston

Joel Houston is the Hillsong United Creative Oversight/Producer at Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia. He is the son of pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston. He is in charge of producing the Hillsong United albums and is one of the key worship leaders and songwriters on the team.

Songs Joel Houston has written or co-written include:

  • "All..." (from To the Ends of the Earth)
  • "All About You" (from "To the Ends of the Earth")
  • "Am I to Believe?" (from "To the Ends of the Earth")
  • "Evermore" (from More Than Life and For All You've Done)
  • "Everyday" (from Everyday, For This Cause, and UP: Unified Praise)
  • "For This Cause" (from "For This Cause" and Shout God's Fame)
  • "My Best Friend" (with Marty Sampson; from Best Friend and You Are My World)
  • "One Desire" (from Blessed)
  • "One Way" (with Jonathon Douglass; from "More Than Life" and "For All You've Done")
  • "Open Up the Heavens" (from "More Than ...
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