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John Mellencamp

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"John Mellencamp" (born October 7, 1951 in Seymour, Indiana) is an American rock/roots rock singer, songwriter, and guitarist, known for a long and successful recording and performing career highlighted by a series of 1980s hits, including "Jack and Diane", "Pink Houses" and others, and by his role in the Farm Aid charity event.

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Mellencamp, aka Johnny McMellon Cooper, who was born with a mild form of spina bifida that was corrected with neurosurgery when he was three weeks old, had a troubled childhood marked by several brushes with the law. At the age of 14, he was the lead singer in the band Crepe Soul, a group that played rock and soul (James Brown, Sam and Dave) cover songs at colleges, bars, raceways parks and other social events around southern Indiana in the mid-1960s. After graduating high school in 1970, Mellencamp eloped with his pregnant girlfriend and began performing with the band Sna...

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