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Johnny Rodriguez

"Johnny Rodriguez" (born December 10, 1952), in Sabinal, Texas, is a country music singer.

As a teen, Johnny Rodriguez would sing for friends at Garner State Park. One night during the 4th of July holidays, in 1969, at Garner, he and a group of friends decided that they were hungry. According to Rodriguez: "when we were teenagers at Garner we always tried too meet girls that had a mother that would feed us (because none of us had any money); some of those girls may not be our friends today but all their mothers still are."

Rodriguez continued, "I guess no mothers we knew had arrived at the park yet so to satisfy our hunger, the goat was stolen by me with four or five friends from the nearby Bob Davis Ranch" just a few miles from Garner on Ranch Road 1050, near Cherry Creek. Johnny butchered the goat in Cherry Creek and the meat was then taken to a roadside park to be barbequed. The roadside park is on a hill a few miles from the Bob Davis Ranch on Highway 83 near the intersection of Ranch Road 1050. A half dozen or more additional friends were waiting at the roadside park for the goat rustlers and their kill.

Johnny basted the goat in the only sauce he ...

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