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"Jojo" is the name of:

*JoJo, a female pop/R&B singer and actress

*''JoJo (album)'', self-titled album by said singer

*Joel "Jo-Jo" Hailey, a male R&B singer from K-Ci & JoJo and Jodeci

*JoJo Savard, a self-proclaimed 1-900 psychic

*JoJo the Monkey, a minor character in the adventure game Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

*Jo-Jo The Dog-Faced Boy, one of the most famous sideshow performers of the late 1800s

"Jojo" may also refer to:

*''JoJo's Circus'', a children's television show

*"Jojo", a song by Boz Scaggs

*''Jojo'', a 1988 novel by Roger Caron

*''JoJo's Bizarre Adventure'', a manga and an anime

*A Prison slang term for a coat with no pockets worn by inmates

*A regional United States term for flavored and fried potato wedges

* In Westchester County, New York and the surrounding areas, "jojo" is a slang term, meaning the currency value equal to about fifty cents.

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