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Jokke & Valentinerne

"Jokke & Valentinerne" is a former Norwegian rock band. The late Joachim "Jokke" Nielsen was their frontman, songwriter and lead singer. Unlike many other Norwegian bands at the time, Jokke & Valentinerne wrote their lyrics in Norwegian.

Jokke & Valentinerne was formed in 1982, and became one of the most popular acts of Oslo's underground rock scene. The band is regarded as one of the "Great Four" Norwegian-language rock bands of the 1980s, along with deLillos, Dum Dum Boys and Raga Rockers. The band drew its influences mainly from punk and American Southern rock.

Jokke & Valentinerne split up in 1994, but did occationally perform together after the split. Frontman Joachim Nielsen died in 2000 from a drug overdose.


*Joachim Nielsen - vocals and guitar (1982-1994)

*Petter Pogo - guitar, bass (1991-1994)

*May Irene Aasen - drums and percussion, vocals (1982-1994)


*Håkon Torgersen - bass (1984-1990)

*Lars Lothe - guitar, vocals (1982-1983)

*Waldemar Hepstein - piano (1985)

*Trygve Johansen - piano (1982-1983)

*Christian Ellingsgård - bass (1982-1983)


*''Alt kan repareres'' (1986)

*''Et hundeliv'' (1987)

*''III'' (1990)<...

origin Oslo, Norway
years active 1982 - 1994
music genre Rock and roll
current members Joachim Nielsen
Petter Pogo
May Irene Aasen
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source: Wikipedia