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Jon Brion

"Jon Brion" is an American rock and pop multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, composer and record producer.

Jon Brion was born in Glen Ridge, New Jersey. He came from a musical family: his mother was a jazz singer, his father a band director at Yale, and his brother and sister became a composer/arranger and violinist, respectively. Brion had difficulties in high school and at the age of 17 left education for good, opting instead to play music professionally.

Brion was a member of the band ''The Bats'' in the early 1980s, and in 1987 he moved to Boston, where he played solo gigs, formed the short-lived band World's Fair and became a member of the last touring version of Aimee Mann's new wave band 'Til Tuesday. In 1994, joined Dan McCarroll, Buddy Judge and Jellyfish guitarist Jason Falkner in the short-lived pop supergroup The Grays. Brion played numerous instruments on Sam Phillips' 1996 release ''Omnipop (It's Only A Fleshwound Lambchop)''.

Brion was signed to the Lava/Atlantic label in 1997, but was released from his contract after turning in his solo debut album ''Meaningless''; the album was released independently in 2001.

He has played various ins...

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