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Jonathan Fire Eater

Jonathan Fire Eater

"Jonathan Fire*Eater" was an indie rock band from Washington DC but based in New York City. The line-up was Stewart Lupton (vocals), Tom Frank (bass), Paul Maroon (guitar and slide), Matt Barrick (drums) and Walter Martin (organs, keyboards), the latter three of whom went on to form The Walkmen.

Jonathan Fire*Eater was formed from a childhood ska band called The Ignobles. All the members of Jonathan Fire*Eater attended high school at the prestigious D.C. private school the St. Albans School, which counts former Vice President Al Gore among its alumni. Lupton, Maroon, Barrick, and Martin formed the Ignobles in junior high school. The vocalist was Ryan Cheney and Lupton played bass. The precocious Ignobles showed promise beyond their years, and in high school made regular warmly received appearances at local clubs. In 1993, the members went to college, mostly in New York City, and Jonathan Fire*Eater was formed with Cheney departing and Lupton taking over vocal duties. St. Albans alum Tom Frank joined as a new bassist.

In 1994 the boys dropped out of college and moved into a cramped two-bedroom apartment on Suffolk St. in the still rough-and-tumble Lower East Side. ...

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