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Jonny Lang

"Jonny Lang" (born "Jon Gordon Langseth, Jr." in Fargo, North Dakota, January 29 1981) is an American blues guitarist and singer. In 1995, at the age of 14, his first album was released; ''Smokin'' by Kid Jonny Lang and the Big Bang. At age 15, Lang released his debut solo album ''Lie to Me''. Part of this success is due to a voice that sounds like that of 40 year old blues veteran, containing a harshness tempered by a fine falsetto that has taken prominence in his newest albums. Part of it is his scorching guitar solos, which display a prodigious natural talent honed by years of practice and playing. Whatever the secret to his success, the youngster has quickly become a fixture in the blues world, drawing crowds wherever he goes. He has been recognized by famous guitarists all over the world, and was recognized in 2004 by Eric Clapton. Clapton asked Lang to play at the 2004 Crossroads Guitar Festival to raise money for the Crossroads Centre Antigua.

Jonny started playing the guitar at age twelve, after his dad took him to see the Bad Medicine Blues Band - one of the only blues bands in Fargo. Jonny was inspired and soon started taking guitar lessons from Ted Larsen, th...

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