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Josh Gracin

"Joshua Mario "Josh" Gracin" (born October 18, 1980) is an American country music singer. He first gained fame as the fourth-place contestant in the 2003 edition of ''American Idol'', while at the time of the show also being a Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. Gracin subsequently became a successful recording artist.

Gracin grew up in Westland, Michigan. He began playing music in high school, inspired by Garth Brooks among others. Upon graduation he joined the Marine Corps, and eventually became a supply clerk at Camp Pendleton outside of San Diego.

Gracin appeared on the second season of ''American Idol''. His country sound and his ongoing military service immediately made him stand out from ''Idol"s pop- and R&B-oriented contestants. Gracin performed strongly whenever he could sing something with a country flavor, but sometimes struggled in other genres. Gracin attracted audience support by being willing to butt heads figuratively, and in one case almost literally, with ├╝ber-nasty judge Simon Cowell. Some attention was given to why Gracin was permitted time away from his unit to participate in the show, while many other Marine units were being...

Alias Josh
Background solo singer
Born October 18, 1980
Origin Westland, Michigan, United States
Occupation Singer
Genre Country Music
Years active 2003—present
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source: Wikipedia