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Josh Joplin Group

After releasing two independent albums (''Boxing Nostalgic'' and ''Projector Head'') under the name "Josh Joplin Band", the group signed to Artemis Records and released ''Useful Music'' in 2000. Produced largely by Shawn Mullins, the album received strong reviews but failed to make much commercial impact. It did, however, spawn a mild hit in "Camera One," a thoughtful exploration of depression and superficiality. Featuring a more rock-edged, radio-friendly sound than most of the material on ''Useful Music,'' the song peaked at #22 on the ''Billboard'' Adult Top 40 chart in 2001, and was featured in an episode of the comedy series Scrubs (season 1, episode 7, "My Super Ego").

In September 2002, Josh Joplin Group released its second major-label album, ''The Future That Was.'' On this record, Joplin's lyrics were noticeably more clever and playful than on ''Useful Music,'' with subject matter including the nature of popularity ("The Wonderful Ones"), the absurdity of snobbery among music lovers ("It's Only Entertainment"), and the uselessness of trying to predict the future ("The Future That Was"). The musical styles were similarly ...

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