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Josh Rouse

*2006 ''Subtítulo''

*2005 ''Bedroom Classics, vol. 2''

*2005 ''Nashville''

*2004 ''The Smooth Sounds of Josh Rouse'' (live)

*2003 ''1972''

*2002 ''Under Cold Blue Stars''

*2000 ''Home''

*2005 ''Bedroom Classics, vol. 1''

*1999 ''Chester (collaboration with Lambchop's Kurt Wagner'')

*1998 ''Dressed Up Like Nebraska''

* Official site

* PopGurls Interview: Josh Rouse

* Concert photos by Laurent Orseau

*Ankeny, Jason and Tim Sendra. ''Josh Rouse > Biography''. ''Josh Rouse'' artist page on AMG All Media Guide, 2006.

Rouse, Josh

Rouse, Josh

Rouse, Josh

Rouse, Josh

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