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Joshua Kadison

"Joshua Kadison" (born February 8 1965 in Santa Barbara, California) is an American singer-songwriter, pianist, and writer.

Joshua grew up in Los Angeles the eldest of two sons. His mother was of Mexican-American Indian decscent. Aged 12 he started playing the piano and subsequently started to write songs. After his mother died, when aged 15, he received his drivers licence and left home (with the blessing of his father) to become a travelling troubadour. He later admitted that anger and confusion over his mother's death drove much of his songwriting during this time. He later wrote "Mama's Arms" about his pain over losing his mother as a teenager, it was featured on his first album "Painted Desert Serenade". He did the rounds of piano bars across the United States for the next decade. Eventually in the early 1990's he caught the attention of EMI and they signed him.

According to an early press release by EMI "His maverick ways paid off in 1993 when EMI Records released his self-penned debut ''Painted Desert Serenade'', a collection of introspective story songs including the break-through single "Jessie" and "When A Woman Cries," already covered by legends...

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