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Judas Iscariot

"Judas Iscariot", originally formed under the name Heidegger, was a black metal band from USA. Like most black metal bands, the lyrical themes are often anti-christian and misanthropic. The band was essentially a soloproject of "Andrew Harris" a.k.a. "Akhenaten" him playing all instruments until 1999 when "Cryptic Winter" joined the band as a session drummer. There was also a briefly existing line-up for gigs, featuring members from Nargaroth, Krieg and Absu. The band recorded five full length albums before ending in 2002 with Akhenaten moving to Germany, and then later re-locating to Canada.

Akhenaten states that his goal is to spread blasphemy through music. He is a nihilist filled with deep emotions of hate towards capitalism and religion, particularly Christian views of morality and compassion. He sees Christianity as a religion which promotes human weakness istead of individuality and personal development and dismisses capitalism because he believes it is inextricably linked to materialism. He believes people should not buy into the Western commercialist culture.

*Akhenaten - Vocals, guitar, bass and drums

*Cryptic Winter - Session drums (from 1999 to 2002)


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