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*"Jude" or "Judas" ("יהודה" "Praise", Standard Hebrew "Yəhuda", Tiberian Hebrew "Yəhûḏāh") was the name of several people in the New Testament. The original Greek text of the New Testament makes no difference between the names "Judah", "Judas" and "Jude", rendering them all as "Ioudas"; but in many English translations "Judah" is used for the Old Testament figure and the tribe named after him, "Judas" is used only for Judas Iscariot, and "Jude" for all other New Testament persons of the same name.

#Judas (; Mark 3:18). Also known as Saint Jude, he is the patron saint of seemingly hopeless causes in the Catholic Church.

#Judas Iscariot (; Mark 3:19);

#The Judas called "the son of James" (Luke 6:16), may be the same with the Judas surnamed Thaddaeus. The only thing recorded regarding him is in John 14:22.

#Jude Thomas, usually identified as Thomas.

#Judas the Zealot, an otherwise unknown Apostle mentioned in the ''Epistle of the Apostles'' and elsewhere, for example the Decretum Gelasianum lists among texts accepted in the canon the epistle of "Judas the Zealot".

#Jude, brother of Jesus, and James the Just. Eusebius records the fact he had two grandsons livi...

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