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Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed

"Junaid Jamshed" (Urdu: "جنید جمشید") (b. September 3, 1964 in Karachi, Pakistan) was one of the most famous Pakistani pop singers. He was the lead singer of the Pakistani band Vital Signs (pop band). In 1995, he went on to pursue a solo career when the group split up. When he was the lead singer, Vital Signs saw its peak and enjoyed great success, especially with their signature song ''Dil Dil Pakistan''. He is also a popular dress designer with his many boutiques in major cities across Pakistan.

Junaid Jamshed was one of Pakistan's most popular musical artists when he ended his career as a pop star in 2003 to lead a more spiritual life. The ex-heart throb is barely recognisable these days, choosing to dress in simple shalwar kameez and sporting an ever growing beard. The tall hazel eyed singer best known for gems such as ''Sanwali Saloni'', ''Goray Rang ka Zamana'' and ''Yeh Shaam'', talks exclusively to MVUK about his journey from pop stardom to religious enlightenment.

He initially rocketed to fame in 1987 with the patriotic song ''Dil Dil Pakistan'' as the lead singer of Pakistan's first ever pop band, Vital Signs. After a string of chart topping songs,...

Background solo singer
Alias Junaid Jamshaid
Born September 3, 1964, Karachi, Pakistan
Origin Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Genre Pop music
Occupation Singer
Years active 1987 - Present
Associated acts Vital Signs (pop band)
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source: Wikipedia