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"Junoon" (meaning "obsession" and/or "passion" in Urdu) is one of Pakistan and South Asia's most popular Rock bands, based out of Karachi, Pakistan, and formed in 1990 by guitarist/songwriter/medical doctor Salman Ahmad. At the time, Junoon consisted of two other members: Ali Azmat on vocals and Nusrat Hussain on keyboards.

The name ''Junoon'', as the band was so named, came to lead singer Ali Azmat in his dream. He said that in his dream he saw one of his teachers shaking him and said, "''Tumhey mousiqui ka Junoon hai!''" (meaning "You have an obsession for music!")

Though the band's first album, the self titled '' Junoon'' barely made a dent, their second album ''Talaash'' (the search) began creating a cult following for Junoon. It was only after their 1995 release of their third album ''Inquilaab'' (Revolution), that Junoon developed a nationwide fan following, blending rock guitars and bluesy vocals with eastern elements like the use of tablas (traditional south asian hand drums), raga-inspired melodies, traditional Pakistani folk music, and Eastern inspired poetry. The band were one of the first bands in Pakistan to insist on playing live music where most music w...

color yellow orange
years active 1990–present
status Active
origin Karachi, Pakistan
music genre Rock and roll
current members Salman Ahmad
Ali Azmat
Brian O'Connell
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source: Wikipedia