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Jupiter Sunrise

"Jupiter Sunrise" was started in 2002 by a collaboration between Mark Houlihan of Albany, New York and Ben Karis of California. Originally, Ben toured with Mark as part of his back up band, the Orange. When the Orange's departed, Ben followed Mark to L.A. They called a drummer they both knew, Chris Snykus, in Arkansas. As his band, Perfect Thyroid, was coming to an end, Chris agreed to follow them to L.A. While in L.A. they met Aaron Case at a guitar store. They recorded their first album, Under a Killer Blue Sky, in 2003, with Undecided Records. They are currently touring and producing their second album.

Jupiter Sunrise is known for its powerpop songs and its vegetable oil powered bus. They toured with Vans Warped Tour in 2005 in the Myspace tent. Their song, "Arthur Nix," was released on the Myspace Records Volume 1.

Jupiter Sunrise is currently signed with Undecided Records. Jupiter Sunrise is a vegetarian band and supports organizations such as PETA 2.

*Ben Karis - Guitar/Lead Vocals

*Mark Houlihan - Guitar/Lead Vocals

*Aaron Case - Bass

*Chris Snykus - Drums/Vocals

*Amanda Rogers - Keyboard/Vocals


Undecided Records (June 29, 200...

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