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justincase is an "alternapop" band that consists of two brothers and a sister from North Carolina. justincase were signed to Maverick Records in late 2001 with the help of their friend, Michelle Branch, also on the same label. The band became friends with Michelle over the internet before she was signed and eventually met in Las Vegas at a music conference.

After justincase was signed, their record was released in the Fall of 2002. Michelle Branch pushed this album immensely, even co-writing on the first single, "Don't Cry For Us", and collaborating for a duet on "Without You". She even went on MTV's TRL to debut their first video. justincase went on a short tour sponsored by Wal-Mart to promote the album and even opened some shows on Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter's tour. However, due to dissapointing sales, justincase were dropped from Maverick.

The band members are currently on an indefinite hiatus, attending college and playing ocassional local shows. Justin, lead singer, is also performing with the band, Policy (

The band members consist of:

Hannah Tosco (Bass)

Justin Tosco (Guitar, vocals)

Nick Tosco ...

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