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Kaki King

"Kaki King" is an American guitarist. Her style combines fret-tapping with slap bass techniques, creating a very percussive and complex sound. She could be described as a combination of the late singer/guitar master Michael Hedges, singer/guitarist Ani DiFranco and bass player Victor Wooten. Although she shares both similar playing techniques and a last name with guitarist Justin King, the two are not related.

Her thumping basslines, intricate tunings, fluid melodies, and slapping percussion abound in her compositions that hover somewhere between funk, flamenco, and jazz.

Kaki toured with Keb Mo in 2004.

Her 2005 tours saw more use of electric guitars and electronic loops. During some shows, she made comments indicating that she'd parted ways with major label Sony.

In her third album ''...Until We Felt Red'' she takes a steer in the musical direction she was known for in her previous albums; which were primarily composed of instrumental acoustic guitar with various tapping, slapping and percussive guitar technics. This change came out of the desire to get away from the pigeonhole she had been put into with nicknames such as the Queen of Acoustic guitar or Tap...

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