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"Kalmah" is a melodic death metal/power metal band from Finland.

Finland's Kalmah specialises in a high velocity, classically influenced brand of European death metal, incorporating elements from power and speed metal, similar to that of metal bands like Children of Bodom and Norther. The quintet formed in the autumn of 1999 following the demise of its first incarnation, Ancestor. In less than a year after its birth, Kalmah was signed by Spikefarm Records, a division of the Finnish label Spinefarm. "Kalmah" is Karelian and could be translated as "to the grave" or "to the death".

* ''Svieri Obraza'' (promo) (1999)

* ''Swamplord'' (2001)

* ''They Will Return'' (2002)

* ''Swampsong'' (2003)

* ''The Black Waltz'' (2006)


*Antti Kokko - Lead Guitar

*Pekka Kokko - Guitar & Vocals

*Timo Lehtinen - Bass

*Marco Sneck - Keyboards

*Janne Kusmin - Drums


*Altti Veteläinen - Bass

*Pasi Hiltula - Keyboards

*Antti-Matti Talala - Keyboards

*Petri Sankala - Drums

* Kalmah website Official website

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years active 1999 – Present
country Finland
music genre Melodic death metal, Extreme metal
current members Antti Kokko
Pekka Kokko
Marco Sneck
Janne Kusmin
Timo Lehtinen
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia