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"Kamikazee" is a Filipino punk rock/hardcore punk band composed of five members. It includes their frontman & vocalist Jay. Kamikazee released their first self titled album in 2003. The album's carrier single was a punk rock cover version of the Britney Spears song Lucky. In 2005, the band released 'Chiksilog' as part of the compilation album ''Rok On!''. Other notable songs includes 'Girlfriend', 'Ung Tagalog', the heavy strong 'Tsinelas' and their cover song of Ariel Rivera's 'Sana Kahit Minsan'. In 2006 they released their second album, ''Maharot''. The carrier single of the album is 'Narda', which is thought to be about the fictional Filipina heroine Darna but is actually about a guy who is dreaming for a girl he couldn't reach.

While the band is considered to be a punk rock/hardcore punk band, some of their songs have decidedly heavy metal and nu metal influences. Their first single 'Tsinelas' leans closer to nu metal than to punk. Meanwhile some of their other songs utilize heavy, complex guitar riffs and even some shredding not usually associated with traditional punk.

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