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Kane can refer to:

In wrestling:

*Glen Jacobs, a current professional wrestler performing for World Wrestling Entertainment as the character Kane *Drew Hankinson, a current professional wrestler who performed for World Wrestling Entertainment as the masked 'Imposter Kane', a Doppelgänger of the current unmasked Kane. *Mark Calaway, a current professional wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment better known as "The Undertaker", who performed at the start of his WWE career as "Kane, the Undertaker" *Lane Huffman, a retired professional wrestler who once used the name Kane, better known as "Stevie Ray"

In music:

*Kane (Dutch band), a Dutch rock band *Kane (US band), an American southern rock band

In religion and mythology:

*KÄne Milohai, a Hawaiian god *Kane bells are Japanese, Buddhist bells that ring when struck. The bells are struck on the lotus-shaped tsukiza

In comics:

*Kane (comics), a comic book police series created by Paul Grist *Garrison Kane, a comic book character from the Marvel Universe *Kaine, a comic ...

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