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"Karate" was a jazzy indie band, with some post-rock influences. The band was formed in Boston in 1993 by Geoff Farina, Eamonn Vitt and Gavin McCarthy. In 1995, Jeff Goddard joined the band as bass player, replacing Eamonn Vitt, who moved to second guitar. In 1997 Eamonn left the band to pursue a medicine career. Karate's final line-up consisted of Geoff Farina on guitar and vocals, Gavin McCarthy on drums and Jeff Goddard on bass. Their music was released on Southern Records.

Geoff developed hearing problems due to twelve years of performance with Karate and was forced to disband the group in July, 2005. Their final show was played in Rome, Italy on July 10th, 2005.

* In the Fishtank Volume 12 (2005)

* Pockets (2004)

* Some Boots (2002)

* Unsolved (2000)

* The Bed is in the Ocean (1998)

* In Place Of Real Insight (1997)

* Karate (1996)


* Cancel/Sing CDEP (2002)

* Operation: Sand/Empty There (1998)

* "Cherry Coke" 7" Split with The Crownhate Ruin "Visit from Mars" (1995)

* "The Schwinn" 7" split with The Lune "On letting you go" (1995)

* "Death Kit" 7" (b/w "Nerve") (1994)

* Karate's p...

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