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"Kashmir" is a rock band formed in the spring of 1991 in Kastanievejens Efterskole (a boarding school), Frederiksberg, Denmark, by Kasper Eistrup, Mads Tunebjerg and Asger Techau. Shortly after they started perfoming thursday nights at Ordrup Gymnasium (a local high school).

The name of the band is taken from Led Zeppelin's song "Kashmir". Previously they called themselves ''Nirvana'' but changed when the American band Nirvana started to gain success.

In 1993 they were placed second in DM i Rock, and subsequently built their popularity in Denmark.

Their newest album ''No Balance Palace'' (2005) features Lou Reed who is reciting a poem of K. Eistrup at ''Black Building'' and David Bowie who is singing a duet with K. Eistrup in ''The Cynic''. Futhermore the album was produced by Tony Visconti .

* Kasper Eistrup - vocals and lead guitar.

* Mads Tunebjerg - bass.

* Asger Techau - drums.

* Henrik Lindstrand - keyboards and guitar.


# '' Travelogue'' (1994)

# ''Cruzential'' (1996)

# '' The Good Life'' (1999)

# ''Zitilites'' (2003)

# ''No Balance Palace'' (2005)


# ''Travelogue: The Epilogue'' (1995)

# '' Home Dead'' (2...

years active 1991-present
status Active
origin Frederiksberg, Denmark
country Denmark
music genre Rock music
current members Kasper Eistrup
Mads Tunebjerg
Asger Techau
Henrik Lindstrand
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia